Terms of Engagement

Smart Swapping, LLC is a Florida based company that provides resources to Advisors to help their clients accomplish their weight goals.

Smart Swapping makes no representations or warranties with respect to expected success or outcomes on the part of Advisors or their Clients. Further, Smart Swapping is a technology and content provider that provides services to external third party Advisors who are responsible for the implementation of their own customized programs to their Clients. Smart Swapping is not responsible for how Advisors choose to deliver their programs.

Smart Swapping is not intended to replace other therapy modalities but can be used to support
them at the Advisor’s discretion.

Client agrees to not share more than three Smart Swapping recipes, tips, or related content to non-subscribers per week. All content and technology is considered the Intellectual Property (IP) of Smart Swapping.

Smart Swapping is growing through those that love the program. Client may wish to participate in the Affiliate sales program inviting either other Clients or Advisors to participate in Smart Swapping offerings. Those individuals enrolling in the Affiliate program will receive 25% of subscription fees for the first year and 10% of fees for the second year. For more information about the Affiliate program go to www.SmartSwapping.com.

By participating in the Smart Swapping program, you are agreeing to these Terms of Engagement.