Perfectly Personalized Weight and Lifestyle System

Advisors suggest smart swaps right in the App

No clumsy calorie counting, just personalized Meal, Mindset, and Movement swaps
that save you major calories

  • Meal Swapping

    Build off your own foods with ingredient and meal swaps that have twice the flavor and half the calories

  • Mindset Swapping

    Tools to swap out the thoughts and behaviors that work against you for those that do

  • Movement Swapping

    Swap out the lifestyle elements working against you for those that give you the best ROI on your efforts

Example of our Smart Swap Meal Recipe

There are a whole bunch of things that I am doing right and it was nice to have that recognized for a change. Then we focused on a few smart substitutes relevant for me.

I think the most important thing about the Smart Swapping plan is that they build off my current eating habits.

I have been overweight since 5th grade then it turned to morbidly obese at 24. I tried every diet and I always lost weight. I was so good at losing weight then finding it right back on me. Sandy from Smart Swapping is my celebrity chef and has taught me about nutrition and cooking and spices. My life has changed physically, intellectually, emotionally spiritually and mentally. I have taken my health back in all ways.

Just saying “I can eat anything” is rewarding and makes me feel like it’s not a constant battle of being disciplined… just getting it right in my head to make sure I balance better with more healthier foods than what I’m used to eating which did not include much fruits and veggies…I’m learning a lot. I’ve had so many aha moments since joining the Food2point5 program.

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    What you Get:

    • Daily support from a Smart Swapping Advisor
    • Food and mood journaling
    • Personalized Smart Swaps for your Food, Mindsets, & Activities
    • Tracking of your progress and choices
    • Claim your New Habits as you go
    • Community access with monthly Smart Swap Meets
    • Delivered with unconditional love and support!