About us

Our mission is to solve every single flaw in conventional weight and fitness programs. We are targeting perfection knowing that you never reach it, but that its pursuit will produce a best-in-class solution

We are focusing on perfecting the following areas

to be better than everybody else

  • Provide our Advisors with

    the means to be Champion

    for their clients effectively and efficiently

  • Deliver best-in-class solutions for Meals, Mindset

    and Movement

    in a single platform that you can use and supplement with your own materials and client journeys

  • Focus on swaps

    in each of these areas

    that replaces sacrifice-based tactics with abundance-based approaches

  • Create a mechanism

    for clients to claim and celebrate their new habits and practices that help them to have the life they dream of

  • Help Advisors

    to make substantially more income by expanding revenue opportunities and retention rates

As you recognize additional things that can help us

be closer to perfect, please let our team know!

Smart Swap Principles

We established 10 practices to avoid the pitfalls of conventional weight loss approaches

  • People have entrenched eating patterns. Respect them and build on them

  • Transition choices at a comfortable pace to allow new habits to naturally evolve

  • Start with the easy wins first. Let success breed confidence

  • Serve entire families with solutions everyone will enjoy. Families eat together

  • Build flavor through smarter seasoning practices rather than calories

  • Be the alternative to complicated calorie counting…it is not sustainable

  • Provide community to grow and learn together

  • Be there for your people everyday, multiple times per day. Have their backs for them

  • Pursue progress, not perfection

  • Deliver service with unconditional love