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We make it easy to swap out the things that are working against you for the things that will.
Smart Swapping for:

  • Meal

  • Mindset

  • Movement

  • Become an AdvisorĀ 

    For Trainers, Health Coaches, and Dietitians

  • Become a Client

    Abundance Based Weight Loss

  • Meal Swapping

    Build off your own foods with ingredient and meal swaps that have twice the flavor and half the calories

  • Mindset Swapping

    Tools to swap out the thoughts and behaviors that work against you for those that do

  • Movement Swapping

    Swap out the lifestyle working against you for those that give you the best ROI on your efforts

Smart Swaps

must always be…

  • More Gratyfiing

    Not Sacrifice-Based


    Example: All our food swaps are 2.5. Get twice the flavor with half the calories

  • More Impactful

    Get more for
    your efforts

    Example: A Mindsets deliver exponential growth through many small improvements

  • More Efficient

    Accomplish more in the same
    or less time

    Example: Compound movement exercises provide twice the impact in the same amount of time.

Smart Swap your way into new habits
you and your family will want to keep for a lifetime